Text Box: The Model 50 Integrated Amplifier
(Expected June 2005)

The Model 50 Integrated Amplifier will be the culmination of significant development. The power output stage will use a class AB configuration of power MOSFETs. The pre-amplifier section will be passive.

Features are:-
One Fully Balanced Input (Metal XLR)
Four Conventional Inputs (Line Level, Gold-Plated RCA Phono)
Listen/Record Facility
Loudspeaker Protection 
Extended Bandwidth
Very Low Distortion
High Immunity to Electrical Interference
Solid Wood Case ( Maple, Cherry and Walnut)

Maximum Output— 50W/Ch into 6Ω
Balanced Input Level (Nominal) - 650mV/6.6K
Gain - 40dB (Unbalanced)
Distortion - Less than 0.01%
Signal to Noise Ratio - Better than 100dB
Residual Noise (A-Weighted) - Less than 2mV rms
Output DC Offset—Less than 10mV
Crosstalk - Better than 60dB at 1kHz
Frequency Response - 2Hz to 100kHz (+0, -3dB)
Weight - 5kg (11lbs)
Dimensions - 45cm(W) by 10cm(H) by Xcm(D)
Power - 120/240V AC Input (Internally selected).
Price - £1295
Delivery - tba