Text Box: The Model 88 Pre-Amplifier
The Model 88 Pre-Amplifier is intended to form the hub of a stereo music system, close to the sources. It has the ability to drive output signals over considerable distances, in balanced format. A dedicated balanced input allows a balanced source to be some distance from the pre-amplifier if needed. This allows for almost any combination of source/pre-amplifier/power amplifier/loudspeaker positioning setup. In particular, the loudspeakers may be placed either side of the power amplifier to minimise the perceived effects of cabling.

Input signals are processed in balanced mode using high quality components on a glass fibre printed circuit board. An upper copper ground plane forms a shield to external interfering electrical fields as well as acting as the ground reference for the input and output signals. The PCB is shielded from the sides and below by an Alochrom-plated chassis that sits within the solid wood casing.

Inputs are selected on the first seven buttons and modes by the eighth. Any input may be listened to and any input recorded simultaneously using a matrix of signal routing relays positioned close to the rear connectors, with the particular function being displayed on coloured LEDís within the buttons. The last settings are retained whilst power is off.

Features are:-
7 Inputs selected by pushbutton (with power off memory)
Listen and/or Record facility on all inputs
Fully Balanced Outputs (Metal XLR connectors) to the Power Amplifier
Single-Ended Outputs (Gold-plated RCA connectors) to a separate Power Amplifier (e.g. Sub)
Fully Balanced Outputs (Metal XLR connectors) to a professional Recorder
Single-Ended Outputs (Gold-plated RCA connectors) to another recorder
1 Fully Balanced Auxiliary Input
Extended Bandwidth
Very Low Distortion
High Immunity to Electrical Interference
Wooden Case (Maple, Cherry and Walnut)

Balanced Output Level (Nominal) - 650mV/50Ω
Balanced Output Level (Maximum) - 16V
Unbalanced Output Level (Nominal) - 325mV/100Ω
Unbalanced Output Level (Maximum) - 8V
Maximum Gain - 6dB (Unbalanced) - 12dB (Balanced)
Distortion - Less than 0.01%
Signal to Noise Ratio - Better than 90dB
Crosstalk - Better than 60dB at 1kHz
Frequency Response - DC to 1MHz (+0, -3dB)
Weight - 4kg (9lbs)
Dimensions - 45cm(W) by 10cm(H) by 20cm(D)
Power - 24V DC (1.5W). Available from Model 80/88 Power Amplifier or an adapter
Price - £1295
Delivery - Up to 6 weeks (Assembled and tested to order)